SPI-Periodic Table of Chemical Elements

Why is the Table of Chemical Elements is periodic ?
That is connected to the simple fact all our reality is angular (see this page about angles)

Chemical elements are grouped in families.

To fill the electronics levels, is needed 2, 8, 18, 28, 28, 18, 8, 2 electrons each time.

But usual mathematics do not know the numbers are in fact imbricated. That is the first step to understand multivalent mathematics.

It is connected to Fibonacci suit, which is : 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,18,... So on the cyclic table the values are each time repetitively 2, 2+6=10, (2+6)+8=18, etc.
So each crown is in fact included with the precedings for comptability.

The inversion of the table is related to species phylogeny, which is similar to two triangles forming a square-losange (if demontrate how human appears by converging differents hominids, themselfs converging from other species etc). As in the isoptop table, we can see the growing beginning and the final convergence.
For Theillard de Chardin human is the omega convergence in this natural growing (complexification of mateer).

By extension, additives crowns appear by etirement, adding crowns in the middle.

Note as very important information the inversion is caused by displacement of elements 55 and 56 in a new crown when probably this growing should made in the preceding crown.

This principle is imbricated in himself in this representation.

Once, electronics values are symbolised by that position in this structure, and also mean Chemical Element at the same angular symbolic position.
so this representation show simultaneously electronic position and symbolic chimical equivalent position.

Particulary this table permit to visualise the ionisation possible, and also some similituds for differents elements is the same relative position (all is relative). See for example Gold and Silver, nobles gazes, or alkalin metals (potassium, sodium, etc...) are good examples because are aligned in a vertical axe in 3D by rapport to others.

The proceeding of symbolism between atoms to electrons and reverse, displace the necessary reality for appear. It is the principle of "projection".

So that work let me imaginate the electrons are in fact some reflects of the activity of the core, and the angulation subsystem (called pregeometry).

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